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Undertaking the Three Week Diet with Friends Can Make the Experience Even More Fun and Engaging


Around the globe, millions of individuals are currently trying to lose weight. It is not a secret that there are different methods to shed pounds, but there are some solutions that have proven to be more effective than others; take the 3 week diet, for example.

Three Week Diet Comes Accompanied by a Unique Philosophy

Ever since the 3 week diet plan was introduced to the public, numerous of individuals have opted to put it to the test, as the three week diet comes accompanied by a unique philosophy, which is able to provide the expected results when followed. A lot of people tend to undergo it with friends in order to stay motivated throughout it.

You and Your Friends Can Lose 12 to 23 Pounds in Just Three Weeks!

Created by Brian Flatt, the three week diet is able to aid you in losing between 12 to 23 pounds in just 21 days. The three week diet is a combination of a variety of different diets which are connected together into different stages. The stages are gone into depth here at the fitness hacker website. It first starts off with a detox phase. What proceeds is an optional fasting phase that is followed by two different low carbohydrate stages. These phases are what make the 3 week diet meal plan effective, which is why this particular program has already been able to garner, from people who have already put it to good use, numerous of positive reviews on different online platforms that are conducting a 3 week diet review.

Exercise Is Involved

In order for this diet to be effective all the way, you will have to conduct an exercise program while undertaking it, which consists of walking before breakfast every day and an optional exercise which consists of utilizing a classic dumbbell. This optional exercise will help you to maximize your fat burning. If this type of exercise is not your thing, you would still be able to lose pounds with this diet. Of course, if you opt for it, you will slim down even more. It has been noted that undertaking this diet with friends is able to make the entire process more fun and engaging.

How It Works

A great percentage of the weight loss diets out there come with guarantees, but only a few are able to live up to them. The three week diet is backed by scientific studies, which support each phase of it. Unlike other diets, this diet is safe to undertake. It will signal your body to burn stored fat for energy. It then creates a starvation mode. When this mode takes place, your body will burn stored fat. This diet can be undertaken by both women and men.

Together . . . Friends Can Take on Anything

This three week diet is suitable for any individual who has willpower and who wants to obtain a quick weight loss. for a deeper look into the commitment required see this review of the three week diet. If for some reason you lack willpower or don’t like to take on diets by yourself, opting to have your friends join you in your journey might just be the solution in order for this diet to work for you. It has been noted that when friends decide to undertake this type of diet challenge together, they are able to successfully complete it.

In Shape for Dollars


We all seen those infomercials promising amazing results for five easy payments. After many of us made the purchase, many of these items become shelves or taking up space in storage. I think we all suffered one time or another with that impulse work out plan. When find yourself buying any and everything to reach your goal. In those times its your wallet getting most out of the workout than actually putting equipment to use.

Things to keep in mind. Have a goal, set a budget and do your research. Have a goal, what is your target weight? Are you gaining muscle or loosing fat? Knowing what you want with your body will point you in the right direction to the equipment you might need. Don’t buy the Ab Buster 3000 when main goal is to add muscles to your biceps that money could be spent on dumb bells. I have personally found strength bands to be very resourceful and inexpensive. Strength bands helped me loose body fat and gain muscle all for the price of $10.00.

Set a budget for what you a can afford to spend on fitness equipment. What is the sense of looking good and being broke? I see all to often money wasted on gym memberships and personal trainers. Not to say they are bad trainers and terrible gyms, but if not in you its not in you Try working out at home to get motivated to go to the gym. If you have in mind to build your own mini gym at home but can’t afford it at the moment, look to local park district or community center. Many times they are less crowded and even offer free classes to local residents.

Do your research, I advise this before making a purchase on any fitness equipment. Is the equipment dangerous to anyone with health issues? Does it come with a good return policy? What can you purchase that offer the same results? Is it possible to find it cheaper? Always check for workout equipment resale shops they tend to have very reasonable prices. A few years ago I found complete weight bench and weights at thrift store. Many people paid that five easy payments and barely put it to use are not looking to get rid of it now In many cases the best workout equipment is in you Many workouts can be performed using your own body weight, that’s how I started till was driven enough to spend money on fitness equipment.

Eating well and maintaining a healthy body

Beautiful young woman holding apple and reading recipe on laptop in kitchen. Looking at camera.

Health tips

Eating Healthy means eating a variety of foods that will give you the nutrients to maintain your health, lose weight, feel good and stay energetic. It is not always easy to resist the lure of French fries or the taste of an extra-large cheesy pizza, but recognising moderation is important. Indulgent food should be enjoyed and savoured, but only occasionally. Here are some easy and simple health tips to eating well and maintaining an overall healthy body.

  • Learn the Foods

Improve your knowledge of the different types of foods you are eating. Understand where it comes from and how it affects your body.

  • Diversify your food

Eat a white range of foods like vegetables, fish, eggs, lean meat, nuts, seeds, wholegrain and naturally low fat dairy foods. Each food contains its own vitamins and minerals which helps your body to sustain a balance of all the nutrients it needs.

  • Drink a lot of water

Water is a vital part of your diet. The human body is made up of 60% of water, therefore it should be of no surprise that drinking lots of water is an important part of healthy eating. Experts recommend we drink 8 glasses of water per day but it is most important to drink as much as you feel you need. This could be influenced by things such as humidity or exercise.

  • Feel Good foods

Limit the intake of fast foods which almost does not provide the nutrients necessary for your body. Foods like pizza, cakes, biscuits, pastries, pies and deep fried foods are all examples of fast foods. Try eating fruits, nuts or wholegrain crackers instead.

  • Fish

Not only is eating fish delicious but it is an excellent source of protein and Omega 3. It is recommended that we eat 2 to 3 servings of oily fish a week. Fish that are high in this nutrient includes salmon, trout, Blue Mackerel and tuna. Who says eating healthy is boring.

  • Drinks

Sodas, alcoholic beverages and fruit juices contains high amount of sugar and rarely provide your body with the good nutrients it needs. Avoid consuming too much.

  • Eating Habits

Do not skip breakfast which many people tends to do. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It boost your metabolism and helps your body to burn calories throughout the day. A healthy breakfast also gives you the energy to remain focus at work or at school.

  • Keep Active

Exercise is very important to staying healthy and preserving your health. Try to be as active as possible.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleeping well is a good way to allow your body to rejuvenate and repair itself.